So what is this Blog about? Well I’ll be reviewing some TV shows and movies currently airing in the UK and US on a weekly basis, as well as some retrospective reviews of classics. You can expect the occasional Video Game review (i’m an avid PlayStation and occasional PC gamer) and very rarely some book reviews as well.

What inspired me to do this? Well I’ve long been a follower of review sites like Den of Geek, IGN and Digital Spy (though I often disagree with their reviewers!), so I got into the habit of scoring each show I watched. Now I’m taking it one step further.

My favourite shows? Doctor Who was my all-time favourite until Chibnall ruined it, but Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Homeland, Arrow, Gotham and The Americans have all challenged it for that title at some point – so expect them all to be making regular appearances on my blog. As for films, the Dark Knight Trilogy and Aliens are my favourites, and I love the superhero genre, so expect those sorts of films to crop up frequently.

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