Game of Thrones Season 6 Predictions

It’s almost time. Here’s my predictions for season 6…

Warning: Spoilers for Seasons 1-5 and Season 6’s trailers – plus some speculation based on events in the books that haven’t happened yet…

  1. Sansa vs. Ramsay: My guess is that this season will see the Northern Lords (possibly along with Brienne, Davos and the Wildlings) rally round Sansa Stark and destroy House Bolton. The trailers show some serious shit going down, as well as Sansa looking badass and Ramsay in battle, so my guess is that Sansa’s going to take over Robb’s role as the new Stark in power – and maybe reunite with her brother Rickon as well? This is Thrones though so she could also get killed by Ramsay. One final thought – Joffrey was the shows worst (best?) villain and died in his 4th season – Ramsay has become Joffrey’s equal – and this is Ramsay’s 4th season!
  2. Cersei vs. everyone: After her walk of shame last season you can bet Cersei’s out for blood. More so after Myrcella’s death. With the High Sparrow, Tyrells and now Dorne in her crosshairs and the resurrected Mountain and a vengeful Jaime onside, chances are Cersei’s going to wreak some serious havoc. My money’s on the High Sparrow not surviving the season (along with Lancel and Loras or even Margaery getting caught in the crossfire?). Hell, the trailer shows Jaime riding through an army camp, so are the Sand Snakes about to get the war they wanted?
  3. Return of the Greyjoys: Euron “Crow’s Eye” Greyjoy, Theon’s uncle, is about to turn up (and get into some serious mischief involving his brother Balon and a bridge in a storm judging from the trailer). Theon’s sister Yara’s back as well (snogging the face off some random girl in the trailer) and it looks like the Greyjoys are ready for war. But who’s their target? The Boltons? The North? The Lannisters? Or are we following the books on a surprise visit to Meereen? Who knows, but hopefully Theon will survive. He’s suffered enough already.
  4. Daenerys finally sails for Westeros: After what looks to be major trouble with the Dothraki horde that captured her at the end of last season, my money’s on things in Meereen going tits up despite Tyrion’s efforts and an angry Dany finally sailing for Westeros sometime around the season finale. Guessing one of Jorah or Daario isn’t making it out of that rescue attempt alive either. And those dragons have gotten BIG – they’ll take some stopping now!
  5. White Walkers are Coming! The Night’s King (White Walker’s Master who had that epic staring contest with Jon after Hardhome) is coming. Judging by the amount of White Walker action in the trailer (not all of which can be Bran’s visions surely?) my guess is they’re about to break through the wall. Those Night’s Watch mutineers are fucked even if Jon Snow isn’t coming back.
  6. Jon Snow comes back: He has too. He’s far too important (ICE=Jon and FIRE=Daenerys) and why else spare Melisandre if not to bring him back? Not to mention R+L=J looks to be confirmed with shots of a certain tower, Targaryen soldiers and some ‘six companions’ shown in the trailers. That and if he doesn’t, we’ll all be royally pissed off!
  7. A lot of death: My guesses on characters that won’t survive this season? Ser Alliser and the Mutineers (between the walkers, Davos and Jon surely their numbers’ up?), Davos or Melisandre (now Stannis is gone I wouldn’t put money on both of them surviving the season), Ramsay and the Boltons (they just NEED to die!), Daario (surely someone in Essos must die before Dany finally leaves) Balon Greyjoy (long overdue) and finally Grand Maester Pycelle and Kevan Lannister (book readers know why…)
  8. Return appearances: My guess is a still-alive Hound is due back sometime soon. Maybe Syrio Forel or Benjen Stark too. Who knows – depending on where Brienne and Jaime’s storylines go (and the fact that the Freys and the Brotherhood are back) it might be time for a certain Lady with a Heart of Stone to make an appearance… fingers crossed eh book readers?

These could all be wrong. Who knows. But its going to be a fun 10 episodes finding out right?


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