Article: What’s coming on Game of Thrones Season 6?

Now everyone’s had time to digest the shock character death and the 15 other cliffhangers in Mother’s Mercy, the long wait for season 6 begins – and this time there is very little of the books left to guide us about whats coming – but we can make some educated guesses…

Warning: MAJOR Spoilers for the Season 5 finale – anyone who hasn’t watched it yet, get off your arse and do so or don’t go online for the foreseeable future – chances of it being spoiled are extremely high atm. Also some Spoilers from the books – but i won’t mention any names…

1. Cersei vs. Margaery, Round 3: The fragile alliance between the Tyrells and the Lannisters has been surely tested this season, and i doubt it’ll get any better once Mace Tyrell returns and finds his son and daughter locked up and on trial. With the High Sparrow on the verge of bringing down both families, tensions are sure to boil over – and i’m sure Margaery would happily stick a knife in Cersei’s side after this season’s machinations. Olenna Tyrell and Littlefinger are also in the mix and are sure to cause chaos, while Kevan Lannister and Pycelle will doubtless try to keep a leash on Cersei as she rivals with Margaery for control over the (apparently useless) Tommen.

Prediction: Qyburn and his Frankenstein-esque Mountain will doubtless get Cersei out of trouble with the Sparrows, while she will likely try to be more restrained in her use of power after her Walk of Punishment in the last episode. Can’t see Margaery going anywhere as she is crucial to Cersei, Tommen and Mace’s interactions but i wouldn’t put money on Loras escaping the ‘justice’ (aka homophobia) of those religious zealots. And for the book readers reading this – Book 5’s bloody epilogue will probably come into play at some point, maybe with Littlefinger assuming Varys’ role in proceedings? Yes TV viewers there is still at least one twist we haven’t warned you about… enjoy 😉

2. The Return of the Greyjoys: Having been absent since season 2 barring three brief appearances in Series 3 and 4, the Greyjoys should come back into play this season and i’d expect Theon’s sister Yara, his father, and judging by the casting rumours at least one of his uncles to make an appearance – they’re too prominent in Books 4 and 5 to vanish from the series entirely.

Prediction: If the books are followed one of Theon’s uncles is about to become very important to the upcoming struggle in Meereen, while his sister is likely to become entangled with fighting the Boltons in the North now Stannis has fallen – whether either plotline will be used is debateable, as they could move ahead of the books or come up with something new.

3. More Dorne stuff: Hopefully it’ll be a bit better handled this time around, but given Myrcella’s fate in the finale, i doubt we’ve seen the last of the Sand Snakes. Will Doran dispatch justice (or get dispatched himself?) or are Jaime and Bronn set for a mission of vengeance. The books seem to be heading towards a major confrontation between Dorne and the Tyrells – but with no Arianne Martell and no ‘false dragon’ on the show yet the showrunners might be saving Dorne’s involvement until Daenerys (finally) marches an army into Westeros.

Prediction: Jaime will kill Ellaria Sand – Tyene Sand will try and use her sex appeal to make Bronn betray Jaime. Two random guesses, but this plotline is wide open now for where the showrunners want to go with it – i just hope it improves on this seasons effort.

4. Resurrections aplenty: We all want Jon Snow to still be alive. He’s gone – but chances are he’ll be back – theories range from him ‘warging’ like Bran into Ghost or someone else at the wall, to being brought back by Melisandre (the way Thoros of Myr brought back Beric Dondarrion in Season 3) or even being resurrected as a Wight by the White Walkers (i half expected his eyes to turn blue in the final shot of episode 10). Given there isn’t a point of view character left at the wall (i’d doubt they’d use Edd or Tormund) and the R+L=J theory, and the fact that the books are known as a song of Ice and Fire (which fans take to mean Jon and Daenerys) it’d be a major surprise if he didn’t return. As for what the showrunners and Kit Harington have said about him not coming back – remember what Steven Moffat has taught us time and again from Doctor Who: showrunners lie!

But Jon isn’t the only character due a resurrection: most Book fans are still waiting for a certain Lady Stoneheart to make an appearance (and if the showrunners have merely changed up the order of events in the books, she may well do). Plus – and i won’t go into depth on this because it would be a major spoiler – another character who has died in the past season comes back from the dead in the books… And even past all this – there are three characters who have supposedly died off-screen. NEVER trust off-screen deaths! Are Syrio Forel (season 1), The Hound (Season 4) or Stannis (Season 5) really dead? I wouldn’t put money on at least one of them coming back soon…

Prediction: Jon will return – and personally i doubt Syrio Forel or the Hound are dead either – they’re sure to come back into Arya’s story sometime. As for the others? No clue – but it’d be nice to be surprised…


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