My guesses: Who won’t survive Game of Thrones Season 5!

With Game of Thrones due back on our screens in a few days, here’s my guesses for some of the shock deaths that might happen this season (given how the producers are deviating from the books – or possibly going beyond them) – none of these are confirmed (all still alive in the books – but as season 4 showed that means nothing!), but these are the characters who i think might not make it to season 6… (i know a couple who definitely won’t because they die in the books but i’m not going to spoil the surprise.)

Warning: Spoilers for book readers who haven’t finished A Feast for Crows or A Dance with Dragons and for TV viewers who haven’t finished season 4!

1. Ser Jorah: After being exiled by Daenerys, Jorah gets entangled with Tyrion’s story arc in Book 5, but it’s uncomfirmed if the show will follow that – what the trailers do show is Jorah fighting in the fighting pits in Meereen, before the Sons of the Harpy (rebels against Daenerys rule) break into the arena. My guess is this will happen late season, perhaps even in episode 9 and Jorah will prove his loyalty to Daenerys by saving her… but won’t survive the battle. Given the battle of Meereen that’s rumoured to open Book 6 (The Winds of Winter) it’s plausible Jorah’s not long for the series either on page or screen.

Odds: 5/1

2. Brienne of Tarth (and Podrick ‘Pod’ Payne): She’s a very popular character, but that didn’t save any of the others who’ve died did it? Her storyline from the books was basically finished in season 4 (though they skipped a lot of it). Given how they never did the Lady Stoneheart plotline and Jamie’s heading to Dorne (rather than reuniting with Brienne in the riverlands as happened in the books) it’s hard to see what they’ll do with Brienne. My guess? She and Pod continue tracking down Sansa only to be foiled at the last moment again, only this time more fatally. I wouldn’t rate Pod’s chances of survival either.

Odds: Brienne: 10/1, Pod 10/1

3. Roose Bolton: The battle between Stannis and the Boltons in the north is a key plot in the end of Book 5 and the beginning of the Winds of Winter, so depending on how far the season cuts through the books we might get there sooner than expected. Deserves it for his part in the red wedding, but that probably means he’ll survive a while longer than we want him to. Wouldn’t put it past Ramsay to kill him to assume his title either – parricide being one of the few crimes the bastard hasn’t yet committed.

Odds: 50/1

4. Bronn: Tyrion’s sellsword friend basically vanishes in books 4 and 5, only being a minor annoyance to Cersei who wants him dead for his association with her brother. Rumours are Bronn is heading to Dorne with Jamie this season, and given how his role in the latest books is minor, i have a bad feeling he might be for the chop to add some weight to the Dorne storyline (which wasn’t that enticing in the books and needs some restructing).

Odds: 10/1

5. Littlefinger: Littlefinger and Sansa’s storyline is into the unknown now, but Littlefinger’s been scheming for so long he deserves a form of comeuppance soon… will Sansa turn on her latest creepy protector (due to his unwanted advances perhaps?) and complete her transition from victim to schemer?. I’d say it’s a possibility! But it would definitely be a surprise given how pivotal Littlefinger is in the series – and i’d rather see him have one last confrontation with Varys.

Odds: 30/1

6. Jon Snow: No Starks died in series 4. This was very unusual, so by the law of probability we’re due another one, and Jon seems the likeliest one (given how Sansa and Arya’s storylines have a far way to go, and Bran and Rickon don’t seem to be in this season) especially when you consider the ending of book 5 (i won’t spoil exactly what happens, but Jon’s arc ends on a cliffhanger where it’s unclear if he will survive or not). Given the various rumours about his character (R+L=J book readers!) and how he’s one of the main 4 characters (along with Daenerys, Tyrion and Arya) it would be a massive shock to the system if they did kill him. I’ll be watching him worriedly in episodes 9 and 10 all the same…

Odds: 100/1


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